Published on 27 October 2023 14:10
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  • (+) Quality of the ingredients: Fresh most of the time homemade
  • (+) One of the best value for money lunch
  • (+) Relatively central (+) The choice between 4 options: meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan
  • (+) Sparkling water on tap included
  • (-) Maybe hard to find for people outside of university


Matikum is the university restaurant inside Engelska Parken. Anyone can eat there, no need to be a student or a teacher. This is my favorit place to eat lunch. let's be honest, when I arrived 11 years ago the food at matikum was not that good. But since a couple of years their quality has completely changed, and now I am looking forward to eat when I go to work! Some might say that their price (115 SEK), but with the inflation it is hard to find cheaper decent option in town.

Here is an example of things they do:

  • Once they served a poached egg on top of my meat. The egg was served still warm and yolky in the center, imagine doing that for hundred of people! That is impressive.
  • When they serve a pesto, it does not feel canned, the chef seems to be making their sauce themselves.
  • They often add a nice toping, like sprinckles of nuts or fresh herbs, that makes me feel like in a real restaurant and not in a cantine

Now to avoid disappointment here is my last trick: it is a university cantine, so you can freely wander around and check peoples plates, take advantage of it look what people have and observe if they finished their dish. With 4 options available there will always be something that looks appealing.



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